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Chapter II Page 1

Now, Tammy, don’t think that what I have prescribed so far is a frightful thing. Don’t seek the counsel of friends and doctors. Don’t wait for the Surgeon General to approve this. Just be bold enough to do it once and see the magic results, and don’t think that if you draw the solution of vitamin C repeatedly into your nose you are going to end up with your nose gone. Ascorbic acid is just not that kind of acid.

I have snorted in a VC solution at least two times a year for the past years, and the great masterpiece of a nose that I have is still there, ever keen of the sense of smell and ever filtering the heavily polluted air of Tehran for my durable lungs.

I have tried a weaker solution on my young daughter who now is grown but was four and a half years old. Whenever she had a running nose, I let her have it with an eye-dropper. Then her soft breathing while asleep, convinced me always the magic wash was of great service to her, in spite of her screaming which she would do anyway even if the drops were water.

Only when she was running a fever I took her to a doctor. For simple colds I always gave her the VC wash, and VC sherbet made out of a VC tablet in powdered form with water and sugar, which she drink with more relish than orange juice.

There are many nose drops available that open plugged noses, but their effect is temporary. You have to repeat the drops after a couple of hours.

You do this only once with the VC wash, for which there is absolutely no substitute when you are in the clutches of a cold. You can repeat- wash once you feel the virus is starting to flow down with strength. Club it. Altogether you may snort up four times. Also swallow or chew 3000 mg of vitamin C tablet during that day. Same amount for two more.

The above is a sure cure for anyone, anywhere, in any part of the world.

In the third world countries a more sophisticate quick cure is available.

After a restful night’s sleep, you wake up refreshed. As soon as you begin preparing for the day, the symptoms of a cold on the make, appear again. The virus brood wasn’t idle while you were sleeping. Among your home-stored medicine you must keep two ampoules of 500-mg vitamin C for intravenous injection and one dose of gamma globulin. Keep these in the refrigerator. Take one of each and go to a clinic, a professional nurse, the family doctor or an injection center (not available in you country), whichever is more readily available to you.

Have an intravenous injection of the vitamin C and then, in the same session, hip shot of the gamma globulin. Do this.

Believe me by the time you pull up your pants – if you happen to be wearing one, Tammy – you will no longer be afflicted with a curse–deserving cold. If it is not Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, go to work, attend to your business in full, and don’t worry about your cold becoming worse. Consider yourself vaccinated and accept the lethargy, which comes after any vaccination.

When the night comes, go to bed early and take a sedative, not necessarily to induce an early sleep, but for unwinding totally and giving your sleep depth when it comes.

Sleep speeds recovery, drug-induced or not, from any illness. Sedative taking is the secret of one getting well much quicker in a hospital. In all hospitals the night nurse always comes a couple of hours after dinner with a small plastic cup with several sleep-related pills for every patient. They even wake up a sleeping patient and give him sleeping pills. Have no qualms about taking pills to induce sleep when ill, but avoid dependence on them when you are well.

The next day, if the cold is still with you, even mildly, deliver it the coup de grace: a full, good vitamin C wash. And take your vitamin orally.

Again it depends where you live. The kind of cold you get after the wash would have the same level of viciousness you get after having had flu-shot prior. In other word; a mild cold you would be having after. At much less a cost. But you must rest a little also. But if you live in a country that you could have hip-shot of gamma Globulin and intravenous shot of vitamin C 500 go play eighteen holes of golf after, if you want to, attend your dancing, aerobic, gymnastic or yoga class, but get your sleep and avoid eating or drinking anything outright from the refrigerator.

From this point on until the end of the winter, if you happen to be wearing light clothes, not suitable for a cold day, you will only feel cold. The wretched chill doesn’t come with exposure to cold temperatures or exposure to a virus from others. You can go to the sauna, come out and drop yourself in the snow if you heart is stout enough to take the shock. I do that sometimes, after having sat with people in the sauna who foolishly have come there to get rid of their “damn” cold.

Some people also think they can knock their damned cold out with alcohol. They get crocked or they imbibe a warm concoction with either rum, cognac or whiskey as its base. During a bout with a cold, and days after, the only alcohol good for you is the amount in a cough syrup, and that is not enough to keep your windpipe warm for long.


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