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Individual experimentation with a gimmick cure shall prevail but there is an absolute, unmistakable cure in the available medicine and the gimmick lies only on lightning-speed application. Gamma globulin or flu shots have been re-commended as a preventive measure prior to catching a cold, but it is difficult to induce good and healthy people to inject themselves when the exigencies of an illness doesn’t exist.

Besides, the effectiveness of gamma globulin fades with time, and it is unlikely that you would know or remember the complete fade-out time.

You catch a cold, perhaps a milder one, just like having had flu shot, but you have to live with a cold again until it is over, which is the same and not at all acceptable to me. But with this proposed formula, based on a quick response with gamma globulin, which is most potent on delivery, and vitamin C from an in-shot and out-wash, you only notice and bear for a short time the symptoms of a cold and never a full-fledged cold, never the flu itself.

Tell if the suggested plan at first glance seems elaborate, if so, fortify your will by thinking about the indignity of feeling the wetness of a saturated handkerchief in your trouser’s pocket.

The mass-media has hammered into our heads year after year that there is no cure for a common cold, that we have to live with it as an accepted fate with the costs running into billions of dollars annually in lost productivity. I bet you anything, Tammy, you and your forty employees can prove the mass-media wrong and the mass-despondency un-justified.

Absenteeism in schools and industry because of catching colds could be reduced drastically. Suffering from influenza, too could become a thing of the past. If there is a will there is way.

Execute the method on yourself at the outbreak of a cold, if it is your lot to be infected before most others. Then with reliance on personal knowledge, gather your employees and deliver a speech.

Tell them first what they must know. Tell them that things have gotten so out of hand that you just can’t take it from the virus anymore. Insist on their having those inexpensive medicines ready at home, and you have them also available at the office. Forty employees incapacitated, on the average, three days a year is equivalent to one employee’s absence because of ill health, one hundred and twenty days a year. Transpose this on 100 million working people in your country alone and see the astonishing cost of absenteeism.

You and your organization, tell them, are just not going to take that anymore. When one of your fitters sneezes with a quick-dispelling mist spewing before his or her face, get set for delivery of the full treatment. The VC wash first.

If you have cooperative professional nurse at phone’s-reach, call. After she arrives, the whole thing doesn’t take five minutes – the vitamin C and the gamma globulin shots.

I don’t believe that among the entire working population in the world there is one who prefers being sick in bed with a cold, than working.

After you have treated yourself only once, and you come forth talking with the acquired faith and knowledge that the treatment is fail proof, you will meet only the full cooperation of your employees.

With full confidence you can tell your audience that the flu–shots recommended as the best protection against a cold, prior to any symptom of cold, are only second best to what you prescribe. The method of quick response and decimation the number and strength of the attacking viruses in your body, on the onset, regardless of strain or origin, is the best method.

The flu-shots available this year are made from the strain of the previous year’s virus, cultivated in egg embryos. The vaccine produces antibodies for the strain of the virus that spread the previous year. Now, if the strain this year is different from last year, the flu-shots are not quite effective. The virus in medical language, is said to mutate, changing chemical profile and personality once every two to three years and there are strains A, B and C. when the host population becomes immune to one strain, the virus changes structure.

So who knows what exactly is coming next year? Which pharmaceutical company could produce the exact, right-on-the-nail flu-shot for the year to come? The enemy is devious and clever.

The enemy is mean, too, and the flu-shots can not prevent the invasion, can not prevent an epidemic. Epidemics can only be prevented by individual effort on a mass scale with the no nonsense theory of quicker than quick response.

Besides, can everyone afford the flu-shot price: thirty-five dollars a shot, or more, for one person? Can a family on welfare afford that? A nose wash with vitamin C solution costs a few cents and if you can bear the discomfort, the repeat-wash during a cold is as good as a flu-shot. It brings the cold to a level of a mild one, or knocks it off altogether which is what the flu-shot does not.

There are doubts about the effective-ness of the flu-shots in the medical profession also. Under the heading “Doubts Over Influenza Vaccine – Does Mass Use Do Any Good?”

Medical News reported that “three senior U.S. Public Health Service doctors expressed doubts about the value of mass influenza immunization programs. Their case rests upon the fact that excess deaths from influenza and pneumonia reached a figure of 12000 during last February and March and April, despite 42 million doses of influenza vaccine used.” This was reported on November 22, 1963, but with 8100 flu-related deaths in the U.S. in the past and current year, I don’t believe conditions have improved any. So heed my letter carefully, Tammy.

Gamma globulin and vitamin C ampoules are not drug counter medicines. But until the right law is enacted, you have to get it like people who got moonshine during Prohibition.

For the time being, a friendly pharmacist can help. A year’s supply is only two ampoules per adult which could be gotten by prescription of the family doctor – convincing him you want personally to try it once. That you want it also for fast-reach from the refrigerator.

The medical profession must make it easy for those who want these ampoules. They should be willing to pre-scribe them to healthy, reliable people for safekeeping in their medicine cabinets. The Food and Drug Administration should even allow the sale of these harmless medicines without a doctor’s prescription.

A flu epidemic begins abruptly and reaches a peak within two to three weeks. How can millions of patients be treated in such a sudden eruption? When doctor offices become over loaded, their home and office phones keep ringing and hospital beds become scarce, it can hardly be said that because of anfalanza they are having their finest hour. They should relinquish the early treatment to people them-selves, since people can not reach them early enough.

Besides, what can doctors do except mainly recommend rest when the cold is at an advanced stage?

Injection centers are merciful in any country, or people should be trained to inoculate themselves, like diabetics do. A wife or a husband trained to give VC and GG shots could save the whole family, and if this becomes common practice the wind could be knocked out of any viral epidemic no matter how bad it would be otherwise.

Intravenous shots require extensive training. A clumsy injectionist could sieve one arm before the needle finds its way into the vein. And if he injects a drop outside the vein it would be very painful.

If the VC shot is going to be de-livered by a non-medic, best it be delivered in the hip. Unfortunately, you walk around feeling like you have a piece of acid-soaked lead deep inside your buttocks, for a period lasting about two hours. The more you walk the quicker it gets absorbed in the blood. The pain fades. The advantage of the intravenous shot is that you only feel the insertion of the needle at the start, and that is all.

Of course there will be mishaps and abuses. A woman might do away with an unwanted husband with a non-detectable agent mixed with the injection of vitamin C or gamma globulin, either to hasten an inheritance or just for good riddance. A few might experience shock or some unforeseen after-effects. Allergies must also be kept in mind.

But what is all this compared to all the benefits? Could car accidents ever outweigh the benefit of cars? We would never kill, maim or permanently disable each other if we all walked, but society would stop functioning if cars stopped moving on the roads.

We should refrain from harping on imagined, isolated tragedies that may occur. If ordinary people went to injection classes and just learned how to inoculated themselves and each other, we would not and could not have epidemics, but would suffer only isolated cases of the illness. No longer would we see billions of dollars lost in productivity every year.

For years to come this condition will not change unless we change our attitude toward the catch of colds. We should not deliver our beings like sacrificial lambs to the virus every year as an accepted fate.

When the virus invades and person-to-person transmission starts, there really is no stopping it.
If near half the population of a city comes down with the virus and they have faith in the quick response, and if they request injections of vitamin C and gamma globulin, there will not be enough doctors and professional nurses to balance the immense need.

And if there is any long waiting in the corridors of a hospital or in the home of nurse, the concept of quick response shall be lost, which is the most important thing.

The washing of your nasal pass-ages with the vitamin C solution is for the purpose of giving you time. But this time is limited. You have to move fast with the injection of the recommended ampoules. If the population acquires faith in the method, there will not be enough doctors or professional nurses to meet the demand. The best choice, therefore, is to have at least one member of the family attend class in a clinic and receive an injection certificate.

If all medications pertaining to catching a cold are to remain under the supervision of the medical profession, one could, with a wild Twilight-Zone-type imagination, envision assembly lines set up in hospitals with robots injecting vitamin C and gamma globulin in patients, lying with bare behinds cheeks up, on a conveyor belt.

The woman’s section comes to mind first. Just think – derrieres of different shapes and colors, flaccid or robust, huge or puny, moving irreversibly toward two bright, shining needles.

The robot injects each with electronic precision at the right spot with the right dose of vitamin C and gamma globulin.

The used needles get discarded by compressed air and new ones are picked up by vacuum. With their heads resting on the backs of their hands, the women will chat amicably about fashion, health-food, calorie intake, husbands and all sorts of other subjects, as theirs comes beneath the needles.

This would be in sharp contrast with the penal machine in Kafka’s Penal Colony, where the prisoner’s sentence written by needles on his flesh speeded up the penetration of guilt into his consciousness, for the good of the state.

It would be something if the world, as predicted, reaches the end of history.

The Orwellian vision of the future is fading fast: 1984 has passed. Governments gushing forth with slogans are giving way to governments of reason. Mass deception is becoming ever more intangible. There will be no more world wars in the classic sense, no more gulags or penal colonies, and no more innovations of more efficient torture machines. A good beating is in vogue now. Back into the elements.

In a decaying world man’s greatest enemy shall be the virus. AIDS is the front runner. AIDS and environmental decay together will make history– the two came on in the same era and one can not escape the mental association. With a ruptured ozone layer our good-ship-lollipop earth seems to have lost its virginity, as well as its innocence, all from the inside.


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