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Chapter V Page 1

So this is it, Tammy. This is all I know about how not to catch a cold.

Throughout the years, when down with a bad cold – mine always became the worst because I never rested until I literally buckled – I was so miserable that I tried every means to be free of it.

Once, several years ago, I heard over a middle-eastern radio station that when hot air is blasted into the nose the cold virus in the passage dies because of the intolerable high temperature and you become free of it. That, I proved to myself to be effective for hay fever but not the real cold.

The real cold, flu, when it appears, is more in the back of the nose, reaches down to the throat.

Hay fever comes in front of the nose a persistent itching sensation, a little above the nostrils. Get rid of it breading the hot air from an electric hair-dryer. Tolerate the noise as long as you can.

Once the virus bug bits, over-heating may make the bug listless but never causes it to loosen its clutch. This I proved to myself. The best is the method described.

Keep also in mind that some medical researchers argue that when you inoculate yourself with gamma globulin you hamper your body’s immune system. If this is true, why is gamma globulin being manufactured? Two cc of gamma globulin once a year is not going to hinder the body’s immune system.

If it increases your body’s resistance to a number of viral infections during winter why not use it? Ten gamma globulin ampoules may be required for some imaginary illness that may come your way in the future, they argue. Those prone to such thinking are not practical thinkers, but if it is good for you now, why not use it?

The doctors can take care of bigger, more complicated illnesses if it is your lot to suffer them in some distant future.

I know of people who proudly won’t take an aspirin for a headache, thinking they are disciplining their body, making it fit to stand up on its own to ailments without the aid of pills. These people are not disciplining anything. They only put themselves back in the Stone Age.

When ill, take pills. Take ample dosage of whatever medicine is good for you to fight the onrush of an ailment or a disease. Don’t go for that let-the-body-carry-on-its-own-fight stuff. That’s nonsense.

We are now reaching the apex of the pyramid, Tammy, the final say on the subject of How Not to Catch a Cold.

If I had said this all to you in a single page letter you likely would not have believed me. Please believe me, especially now, after all the work I have done. This is a benediction.

It has been five years since I have had injections of vitamin C or gamma globulin. Not have I snorted up into my nose any vitamin C solution. I haven’t needed to, because in the last five years I have not come down with a cold.

I don’t know what has taken place. I don’t know the chemical side of it. I don’t know anything about chromosomes, split-genes, DNA, and much less do I know about microbiology or virology and all other aspects of medical science.

All I know is that I just don’t catch colds anymore. I have come upon a mine of gold without looking for it.

In the first five years, with the aid of those self-tested treatments, I thought I would be free of severe bouts with cold forever, but not without the exercise of the method. Now I am free of all of them without no need whatsoever for any treatment.

There are only days in autumn that I use my handkerchief too often, with-out knowing whether the cause is hay fever, an allergy, or an invading cold. If the latter is the case, the invasion does not get anywhere. It passes. For safe measure I drink a glass or two a day of vitamin C sherbet.


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